Dj For Kids Parties

Kids Karaoke Disco’s have been running for over two years now with Dublin Disco Hire. Unlike many of the other companies that are doing them, we are professional. We don’t arrive with an old portable TV and an old house stereo system. We only use the most up to date digital system on hard drive with over 100,000 tracks to choose from. This is displayed on our 32″ LCD screen through our digital sound system with up to 4 microphones for the kids to use. We also have a fantastic lighting system with lasers & LED lighting to add to the atmosphere. Not only that but we also play the latest and most requested music videos in between singers which the kids love. So not only can they listen to their favorite songs & artists but see the music videos too. All this together with party games and dance routines like “The Cha Cha Slide” and “Macarana” plus many many more.

Unlike an adult disco, entertaining children is very, very specialised. DJ’s who can cope, have the expertise, the right attitude and want to keep the children happy for two hours or more at a party or school disco ar a rare breed!

Over the years we have heard the horror stories of companies who will beat any price only to provide an inexperienced DJ with little or no skills, inappropriate music, shoddy equipment and presentation. We here at Dublin Disco Hire make a promise that all of our DJ’s are professional and have years of experience and our equipment is state of the art. Unlike other companies we do not sub contract bookings to other DJ’s who may be unsuitable to entertain children.

It is of the utmost importance to us that our DJ’s are dedicated and fully experienced in entertaining children otherwise the whole occasion will be ruined and the parents and children will be disappointed therefore we endeavour to keep our charges in line with other professional entertainers.

dj for kids party
Dj For Childrens Party
Dj For Party Hire Disco
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Dj For Party Hire Disco

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