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Our Karaoke Dublin Dj Service will create a great evenings Karaoke Event fun for your guests.  Indeed, Disco Dj Hire Dublin offer our own Karaoke Party Service as an event on its own with an excellent sound system and up to 5 microphones. Furthermore  additional Lighting can also be added at no extra charge to enhance the experience.
In Fact, we have one of the largest karaoke libraries in Dublin with over 500,000 tracks from old Irish classics, hits from the 40’s 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s 00’s 10’s and 20’s right up to the very latest chart hits. We even have a large mixed language range.

Karaoke Dublin Music Library

All our karaoke hits libraries are updated on a weekly basis and added to our SSD entertainment system and furthermore our karaoke is displayed on our Large LCD Panels witch deliver perfect picture quality.

In between singers we can play music videos from the best of the 80’s right through to the latest music video releases.
Our Karaoke Party Dj specialises in children’s karaoke parties now for some time. Ten years ago you would never have had a child willing to stand up in a room of friends and sing but thanks to the likes of The X-Factor and The Voice TV shows Kids these days love nothing more than singing. Especially with a group of their friends with up to 5 microphones.

We also play music videos on our screen in between singers which the kids love. This service is ideal as part of your childs Communion or Confirmation day party celebrations.

Are You Up For It ?

Here are a few tips to help you get in tip top Karaoke Shape:

  1. Learn to breathe like a singer.
  2. Practice your karaoke songs and moves at home.
  3. Choose a song which most people would know.
  4. Gently warm up your voice before you practice or get up to sing.
  5. Combat fear with humor and remember even some of the most successful singers have confessed to always having some pre-performance jitters.
  6. Practice you microphone technique , even using a hair brush will give you a feel for it.
  7. When your turn comes, just go for it.
  8. Be a good audience when others are performing their Karaoke Turn.

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Our Dublin Djs also provide a wide range of music entertainment services details can be found on our Dj Hire Dublin Page.

Karaoke has a very interesting history