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Hire A Dj For Your Wedding 

A wedding is probably the most important event in a person’s life and we at Dublin Disco Hire take extra care to ensure that you get the best Wedding Dj to suit your wedding reception perfectly.

Our Wedding Djs understand that you will want your wedding to be perfect so we are more than happy to discuss your requirements and expectations in detail to ensure that you are 100% happy and confident in our services.

All our Wedding Djs are professional and have years of experience and we always encourage you to provide us an idea of the musical styles or specific music that you love and we can then use our experience to blend these into the reception to ensure that your evening is everything you dreamed it would be.

Your Wedding Dj will introduce the bride and groom for the first dance of the evening and will play your chosen song. We will need to know in advance at what time you expect to have your first dance as a newlywed couple. Traditionally for the second dance of the evening the bride’s father or whoever has given the bride away will be asked to join the bride on the dance floor and the groom’s mother (if present) will be asked to join her son. The best man and the chief bridesmaid will be introduced soon after followed by the introduction of the remaining members of the wedding party.

To enhance your evening we will discuss with you all of your musical requests. If you would like background music to be played while your guests are arriving we can play a selection of your favourite songs building to a full dance floor once your first dance has been completed.

At agreed points during the evening you wedding dj will be happy to announce the cutting of the cake and usually at a later point in the evening we will invite all the single ladies onto the dance floor to participate in catching the bride’s bouquet.

In addition to this we will also announce the buffet (if there is one), the final dance, the bride and groom leaving the reception (if appropriate).

Whether your wedding reception is being held in a Hotel Function Room, Marquee, village hall or a stately home we can be of assistance providing music , wedding djs and even event lighting. Before quoting for the cost of our services for the reception we will discuss the venue details to ensure that the right equipment is in place for your evening.

Below are some clips from Wedding Discos we have run.

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If you would like to make enquiries about a Wedding Disco please use this form.

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Top 20 Questions to ask your Wedding DJ

1. How many weddings  has the DJ actually done? 
An experienced Wedding  DJ, will have done 20, 40 or more successful events each year they’ve been in business. If they’re a Specialist DJ, then the bulk of those events should be weddings.

2. Has the DJ performed at your venue before? 
While not imperative, it’s reassuring to know the DJ has performed in the room you’re considering. It’s helpful if the DJ knows the floor plan, the traffic patterns and the DJ may have an established working relationship with the venue.

3. Does the DJ provide references? 
References are an important part of hiring any vendor. An experienced wedding DJ will be proud to offer you several references for you to check. This is available through Dublin Disco Hire.

4. Does the DJ have proof of insurance? 

Insurance is a must, and many wedding reception locations will insist that all your vendors provide proof of adequate insurance coverage. I have full public liability insurance and a copy of my cert is available.

5. Is a deposit required to hold your date? 
A deposit is the professionally accepted method of securing your date and DJ. A deposit gives you and us a firm sense of professional trust, commitment and well being. Wedding deposits are only €50 with Dublin Disco Hire.

6. When is the balance due? 
The balance can be paid on the night directly to Karl or if you wish prior to your big day. Contact Dublin Disco Hire for full details.

7. Is there a charge for over-time? It’s fair for the DJ to ask for over-time pay if the amount of over-time is significant. You’d be disappointed if your guests were having a great time  and found at the last minute that the DJ can’t or won’t stay for an extra hour. I am very flexible in relation to over-time. I charge €30 per half hour after the initial 4 hours are up. Up to 3am.

8. Does the DJ offer extra options? (Multiple DJs, extra mics, lights, screens etc). 
This is important for big or complex events and receptions. These days, it’s common for brides and grooms to want two or more sound systems, amplifying of vows, up lighting, dance floor washes and other options. If your DJ can’t provide these services, you may have to find the services through another vendor. Getting everything through one DJ service is less stressful and generally more economical. I offer Karaoke at no extra cost. Also Mood/Up Lighting for your venue. Wireless mics for your speeches and free use of our 32” plasma screen if you wish to have a photo display. Also fairy light dance floor or walls. Visit our website for a full list of my optional extras.

9. Does the DJ network with other vendors? (Photographers, musicians, officiates, etc). 
A DJ with a network of other vendors can save the day, if your photographer or soloist cancels. Plus getting extra services through one vendor saves time and is more convenient. I work with a vast amount of other wedding professionals. Please feel free to contact me for more details.

10. Does the Wedding DJ  belong to a professional organization? 
A Professional Wedding DJ is usually a member of at least one or two local and national industry groups. Through their membership the DJ gets valuable info on the latest trends in style and music. With membership they often get discounts on top notch equipment, lighting and even health insurance. I am a full member of one of Irelands and the UKs top Wedding DJ’s networks.

11. Does the DJ have back up equipment for your event? 
Very important. It’s rare, but electronics can fail and when a Laptop,CD player, microphone or cable fails, the DJ needs to have a replacement unit on site. I always carry backup equipment insuring your night goes without a hitch.

12. Does the DJ offer unlimited phone and email planning? 
Karl will not only meet with you in person one or two times, but will make himself available by phone and email to discuss any detail relating to your event.

13. Can you choose some or all of your own music? 
Dublin Disco Hire have massive music libraries for you to choose from and will gladly allow you to contribute your own music on CD or through mp3s. Contributing your own music should never be a problem.

14. Is there more than one DJ to choose from?
I always will state from the very start who will be your DJ on the night. Most of the time it will be me but you will be notified prior to your event if for some reason that I am not available. This could be due to illness. However I work with a vast amount of other professional wedding DJs and will always guarantee your wedding will be covered by a professional wedding DJ. In over twenty years of business I have NEVER let a single customer down and never will. Some DJs are single operators and the DJ you meet is the DJ you get. Other DJ services may have several performers for you to choose from.

15. Can you meet your specific DJ? 
You should insist on meeting your DJ. If the service has more than one DJ available on your date, then ask to meet them.. The DJ you choose doesn’t have to be your new best friend, but you should feel comfortable and at ease with your DJ.

16. How will the DJ be dressed? 
I will dress the way you want me to. If you require a tux, three piece suit, jacket and tie or a Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops, I will accommodate you. Normally it’s a Black company shirt with black trousers and shoes.

17. Does the DJ take any breaks? It is quite normal for the DJ to take a ten to fifteen minute break. Usually when the evening buffet is being served.

18. Do you have to feed and tip your DJ? 
No not at all. No DJ should ever drink alcohol before or during an event. Tipping is a very nice way to let the DJ know they did a great job. Tip only if you feel the DJ provided outstanding service throughout the entire process.

19. Is the DJ a full-time or part-time DJ? 
A Professional wedding DJ is usually a full-time DJ, with no other employment obligations to get in the way of meetings, phone calls or any unexpected issues you may need to have handled. I run the company myself and do this on a full-time basis.

20. Why should you choose this DJ Service over another?
Listen carefully to the answer to this question. A professional wedding DJ will respond with a few brief and reassuring benefits as to why you should hire his or her company. I am only too happy to answer any of your questions and you can contact me 24/7.

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